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Small gifts sent by Innopack—-mask pen

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Small gifts sent by innopack---Pure hand drawn Peking Opera mask pen.

Peking Opera is regarded as the quintessence of China, special makeup it is called Peking Opera,each famous historical person or a certain type of person has a kind of approximate spectral formula,Peking opera art features, mainly in deformation, vivid, three aspects of meaning.Peking opera face of the use of realistic painting, fine relief patterns depict lifelike,the curve of face vivid three-dimensional, vivid colors and elegant;The base pattern is surrounded by dragon and phoenix, meaning auspicious.It is not only the traditional decorations,can be placed on the desk, and other places you want to adorn,also is a very practical ball point pen,the pen body uses the thread connection,removable for refills,written after polishing treatment is not easy to fade can be unlimited use.

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